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Global electronic industry ranking: China's exclusive 37.2%, the world's first

Sunday,Aug 04,2019

 According to the Korean media report, "Global Electronics Industry Major Country Production Trend Analysis Report" shows that in the global electronic industry's proportion ranking, China accounted for 37.2%, the US ranked 12.6%, and South Korea 8.8%. In the third place.

According to the report, the largest proportion of China's electronics industry is computer-related products, accounting for 34.2%; the largest share of the United States is wireless communication equipment, accounting for 32.3%; South Korea is electronic components, accounting for 77.3%.
According to industry sources, Korean companies have achieved the highest performance in the past years with the super-prosperity of global memory semiconductors in 2017 and 2018, and the Korean electronics industry has also risen to the third place in the world. However, compared with China and the United States, South Korea's dependence on semiconductors is too high and vulnerable to shocks. For example, during this period, Japan restricted exports to South Korea, and the Korean electronics industry was greatly affected.
A related person from the Korea Electronics and Information and Communication Industry Promotion Association said that South Korea needs the second and third Samsung to go out. Judging from China's successful experience, many companies in the United States, Japan, and South Korea are setting up factories in China, which is an important reason for maintaining the number one in the world for a long time.