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Part Number: C0603C0G1E2R2CT
Manufacturer: TDK
Category: Unclassified
Description: Cap,Ceramic,2.2pF,25VDC,.25pF -Tol,.25pF +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0201 Case

Technical Characteristics

Manufacturer TDK
Description Cap,Ceramic,2.2pF,25VDC,.25pF -Tol,.25pF +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0201 Case
Status Discontinued
Package N/A
Pin Count N/A
Lead Free
Category Unclassified
Series N/A

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  • C0402X5R100-104KGD | Venkel | Cap,Ceramic,100nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X5R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C822K5RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,8.2nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
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  • C0402C823K9RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,82nF,6.3VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C829D5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,8.2pF,50VDC,.5pF -Tol,.5pF +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C910J5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,91pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C919D5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,9.1pF,50VDC,.5pF -Tol,.5pF +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C472K5RAC7867 | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,4.7nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C508C5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,500fF,50VDC,.25pF -Tol,.25pF +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473J8NACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,10VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,X8L TC Code,0402 Case
  • C0402C560J5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,56pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K4RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,16VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C561K5RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,560pF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K8NACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X8L TC Code,0402 Case
  • C0402C562K3RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,5.6nF,25VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C682K5RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,6.8nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K8PACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X5R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C562K4RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,5.6nF,16VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C683K8PACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,68nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X5R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K8RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C562K5RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,5.6nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C683K8RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,68nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K9PACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,6.3VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X5R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C563K4RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,56nF,16VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C683K9RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,68nF,6.3VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C473K9RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,47nF,6.3VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C563K8RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,56nF,10VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C750J5GACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,75pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0402 Case
  • C0402C563K9RACTU | Kemet Electronics | Cap,Ceramic,56nF,6.3VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0402 Case

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